Careers of Tomorrow: Engineering

Why engineering students will play a huge part in shaping the future of manufacturing throughout industry 4.0.

Deciding on the correct career path for you can be daunting coma especially if you are freshly graduated from high school. Through analysis of current manufacturing trends coma career advisors of today have already cited engineering as one of the careers of tomorrow. We are currently in the process of going through the 4th industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 stands to shape the engineering and manufacturing process is of the coming decades. Those who study for a career in this industry right now, will be at the cutting edge of tomorrows technology. Business automation is the way of the future and engineers have the tools to do it.

Here are many of the other reasons why job counsellors say engineering is one of the careers of tomorrow. Let’s start with explaining industry 4.0 and work our way forwards from there.

What is industry 4.0?

Those who want to get involved in the world of engineering just now can find jobs available through Hays Engineering & Manufacturing. Those of us who still need convincing better stick around for our explanation of just what exactly industry 4.0 is.

As we mentioned previously, we are at a crux point in human history. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. While the first relied on coal and steam, the second on gas and electricity, and the third on getting online, this fourth revolution focuses on the mass digitisation of the working world. From automated check-out points to self-service spas, we are becoming massively reliant on technology to help us complete day-to-day tasks. By the end of the fourth industrial revolution, we will all have the digital capacity of Gen Z and the Alpha Generation. The children of right now – the ones who will make future engineers – are those that will shape what industry 5.0 looks like. It is a thoroughly exciting time to be alive.

What engineering has to do with industry 4.0?

Engineering is at the backbone of all our technological advances. Without engineers we would not have most of our inventions today. Engineers are the people who design and build the crazy schemes of the leading ranks. It was they who built the catapults that first knocked down city walls. It was even them who designed said walls. As we move through industry 4.0, it will be the engineers who drive the design improvements and changes to technology which ultimately advance humanity.

When it comes to industry 4.0, it is the engineers who will design most of it. The future of the business world lies in process automation. The more of the day-to-day running tasks involved in operating a business which we can automate, the more productive we become. Just like any previous technology, the goal of industry 4.0 is to take the stress and monotony out of human existence by performing tasks on our behalf which make our lives easier. This involves mass digitalization. Everything from the way we make purchases to the way we produce our goods has already undergone this digitization.

In short: industry 4.0 is our future and the engineers will build it. If you want a career guaranteed to stand the test of time, this is it.