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It goes without saying that web hosting is the building block of your website. In fact selecting the right host is the very first step in setting up your online venture. Search engine optimization, traffic as well as your success largely depends upon the performance of your site. In this matter, hosting plays a primary role in determining the reliability and speed of your website. Hence, due care must be taken to pick the best ftp host in order to enjoy comprehensive features from your hosting provider. Unluckily, many web marketers lack adequate information about how to pick the best host for their online venture. This is more so in the case of new marketers who are just starting out. Thankfully, they can ease their task by following these smart tips.

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Check basic features

Make sure that your FTP host provides basic essential features for your site. Your hosting company must offer easy to use control panel. Since you are interested in promoting your products and services, you don't want to invest your valuable time in learning web codes. So, make sure that the hosting service offers an easy to use interface for accessing your site. Apart from this, you must have your own email on your domain to manage your site professionally.

Bandwidth and storage

Many web hosts provide limited bandwidths at affordable charges for hosting a site. While this is a good option for beginner marketers, it may not be an ideal option for marketers who expect continuous flow of traffic to their website. It is preferable to determine the amount of anticipated traffic and storage space, and choose the hosting plan accordingly. In many cases, choosing an unlimited bandwidth plan is a better bet to ensure that your site does not go offline after exceeding bandwidth limits.

Security and support

Of course, you wish to protect your site from online threats and intruders. So, make sure that the hosting provider is able to offer top class security to your website on the web. Furthermore, find out whether the web host provides site backup, scheduled website scan and similar services. In addition to this, ascertain that the web hosting company offers 24 hour support through live chat, email support as well as telephone support to resolve any problem with your site. All these things will ensure better protection and top class security to your site from intruders and hackers.


Obviously, you are looking for an extensive hosting plan at affordable charges. So, take time and find out various hosting plans rendered by the hosting service. Go through the plans in great detail to pick an ideal plan geared towards your business needs. At the same time, make sure that the plan you are choosing is not very expensive.

All these important tips will assist you in picking the right FTP host while setting up your online venture. Businesses that witness a huge success online are often those that pick a reliable hosting. Hence, it is always advisable to choose the right host to have a strong web presence in order to thrive and succeed on the web.